Architectural Glazing Manual 2008

Glass Associations based in Ontario have found common ground with British Columbia and Alberta and will have in 2008, an Ontario Glazing Systems Specifications Manual of Standards and Practices.

The Glazing Systems Specifications Manual is a comprehensive reference to architectural aluminum and glass products, as well as, technology, building code requirements and relevant design and performance issues.  It is directed toward several audiences including Architects and Specifiers offering aid in understanding and specifying the kinds of products supplied and installed by contractors.  For contractors working in the glass industry, it serves as a reference guide to related issues that affect their suppliers or customers.

The manual concept was created by the Glazing Contractors of British Columbia, followed by the manual adjusted by Alberta Glass Associations to serve that province’s Building and Construction market.

In 2005, Provincial and Local Glass Associations in Ontario also saw common ground in bringing to the Ontario Building Industry, what has proved to be for Western Provinces, an excellent reference to assist all stakeholders in the construction process.

The Architectural Glass & Metal Contractors Association (AGMCA), Ontario Glass & Metal Association (OGMA) and the National Capital Glass Association (NAGA) agreed to this joint effort to bring to fruition an Ontario Glazing Systems Specifications Manual.

With the guidance of one of the most respected Industry experts, John Mastrofini, P.Eng., the job of altering the BC and Alberta Manuals for use in Ontario began.  Mr. Mastrofini engaged a number of other Specifiers and designers in the project to assist in producing an up-to-date relevant reference guide that maintained uniformity with British Columbia and Alberta Manuals.

Each chapter of the Manual is devoted to one section heading of the Construction Specifications Canada Masterformat and consists of commentary followed by a guide specification.  The commentary offers a broad discussion of issues relevant to the Specifier and glazing contractor.  The guide specifications are more detailed than a typical construction specification. They serve a didactic role, highlighting the relevant issues raised in the commentary and showing how they can be addressed in a specification.

To order the Glazing Systems Specification Manual (Ontario): contact the office of the Architectural Glass & Metal Contractors Association.