Prompt Payment Ontario

Today is a historic day in the construction industry. October 1, 2019, is the official start date for the new prompt payment regime and dispute resolution system in Ontario’s construction act.

The Prompt Payment Ontario organization, of which AGMCA is a member, has worked hard over the past decade to bring this legislation into reality.

It is our expectation that this will help address the number one concern for all our member glazing contractors…getting paid on time.

The legislative amendments related to prompt payment and adjudication come into force today, however, there are transition rules. Essentially, if a procurement process has been started, including just a simple request for quotation, before Oct 1/19, then the prompt payment rules will not apply. This will lead to a slow transition period and will give your organization a chance to get up to speed on the changes.

For further information about the changes to the act, check out this link:

The full text of the amended act and supporting regulations is available by viewing the following link :